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Wade 1920's Cabriolet b&w

Welcome to the new wadepreston.com. Thanks to the tireless work of Jill Carletti (who also manages www.harmonypresents.com), I finally have my own website back. I can list performance dates, add pictures, news, links, commentary and who knows what all else, like I used to.

This is a big deal for two reasons. First, I did not have access to my own domain for years, so there was no way to tell you about upcoming events, post pictures or tell you about some of the very cool things that have been going on, which was awful because you were left out of the loop, and missed some pretty cool events that you might liked to have been aware of.

Secondly, you made it abundantly clear you wanted something to follow so you’d know where I was playing and what was going on with my solo performances, solo concerts and the occasional Movin’ Out Band concert.

Now, with the help of Jill (who really did all the work) and her guy Jason Merrill, who’s expertise rescued us numerous times (including publishing this blog), it is finally a reality. I am eternally grateful to them and I am very excited about being in control of my own domain again. I have every intention of keeping you posted on everything that is going on with performances, recordings and whatever news I feel is relevant in my little musical universe. We are still in the early stages of getting it all together, but it’s here, and it’s only going to get better.

There is also a new fan page on FB:


And of course Twitter:



Thank you for listening, and thanks again for stopping by.


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1:42pm Monday, February 17, 2014


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