2017! Solo Concerts and the Movin’ Out Band!

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Hey folks. Thanks for stopping by.

A quick thank you once again to Jill Carletti-Merrill for updating my website yet again. With so much to keep on top of with web technology, I am grateful to have such a wizard helping me. You’ll see subtle changes, the “Live” calendar page and the contact page for example. And, that’s just on the surface. Jill’s amazing. Can’t thank her enough!

These days, I am loving playing solo concerts and occasionally doing concerts with the Movin’ Out Band. And for the most part, that is all I am focused on these days.

For me, there is nothing quite as liberating as the solo concerts I have been lucky enough to do. Besides the Billy material, which I am all too happy to perform, I can do pretty much what ever I want, tell stories and play material that is stylistically all over the map. I especially enjoy throwing some of my trademark “maniacal boogie” piano pieces at people. Basically, I can just be myself.

At this point, I have quite a few solo concerts under my belt, but the Boiler Room at The Hawley Silk Mill (www.harmonypresents.com) has been one of the most gratifying concert venues I have ever played. And Jill and Jae have become dear friends. About three times a year we do two shows in one evening, 6 and 8:30pm, and they usually both sell out. I have a great time, and it’s good for the venue. I have learned a great deal about my solo concert craft from having the opportunity to play to many a lovely Hawley audiences over the years, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Also, February 27 of 2016 I had the honor of playing the first concert ever in a newly renovated Theater at North (www.thetheateratnorth.com). It was a thrill to play a close to sold out 800 seat theater solo. I had a BLAST! I could never thank Carrie and Gerry enough for asking me to do it. We did it again on Feb 25, 2017. We used the camera on the fingers again and the huge screen behind me, which people seem to really appreciate, and I had some new pictures and funny stories to tell. So much fun, and again, it was incredibly gratifying to do my ideal solo concert and have the venue make money, too. And the talented violinist Mark Woodyatt joined me as a guest soloist on a few songs, and he was, as usual, just phenomenal, and a pleasure to work with.

I hope I can do the Theater at North every year.

I am not as focused on the Movin’ Out Band these days as I am on my solo shows. But they still come up from time to time, and when they do they are not unlike a little family reunion. Always a great time, always an excellent show with musicians like these. I have two booked so far in 2017, so check out the newly updated (and now much easier to read) calendar for upcoming dates on the LIVE page.

Thank you to the people of North Eastern Pennsylvania for being so kind to me. I do enjoy living in this part of the country. I travel a lot and I am not home that often, but it’s always a pleasure to come back to this beautiful part of the country. I think you’re stuck with me for a while …

Take care, everybody! See you soon, I hope!



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