Photo taken by Fielbert Photography at the 2016 Deepwells Music Festival, St. James, NY.

Wade Preston from Billy Joel‘s Broadway hit Movin’ Out delivers an impeccable show with time honored favorites and original compositions. It’s not often a man can sit (or in Wade’s case, stand) in front of a piano or a keyboard and command full attention, but Mr. Preston can drop a stadium full of jaws, keeping his audiences engaged and participating.

Wade played the Piano Man role in Billy Joel and Twyla Tharp’s Broadway hit Movin’ Out for it’s entire 3 ½ year run, and starred in the national tours for the next few years. He still occasionally does concerts with the Movin’ Out Band™.

Billy Joel was impressed by Wade’s performances, and asked him to do virtually all the rehearsals and sound checks for Joel’s historic Last Play at Shea performances, job description “Stunt Billy.”

Wade performed at the PA Inauguration Ball in Washington D.C. for President Obama, Vice President Biden and PA Governor Rendell.

Prior to Movin’ Out, Wade was well known on the west coast as the preeminent boogie pianist, revered for his rollicking performances, stunning technical abilities, spirited versatile singing and sense of humor.

Wade was also well known for his original music, and so, he is happy to announce the availability of his brand new CD:

Wade has finally finished his long awaited CD Lost In the Noise, featuring Jon Ventre on bass and Steve Kurilla on drums, as well as a number of orchestral musicians to add to the depth of eclecticism in his music, is now available here:

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Note from Wade: This project took a year and a half to create. It’s a concept record and it’s about an hour long. I’m very happy with how it came out. It’s quite eclectic, very Wade. I truly hope you enjoy.